Chuck Chelich

2007 Hobie Billingsley Award Winner &

Munster High School Coach, 1957 – Present


Chuck Chelich was a diving coach for over 50 years, 38 of which at Munster High School.  He coached eight state champions, six runners-up, and has worked with 13 high school All-Americans.  His divers set Indiana state records five times.  Many of his former divers have gone on to successful collegiate careers and have become high school and college diving coaches.  Chuck has consistently promoted diving in northern Indiana throughout his career.  He has served as a diving official and judge at state championships for 30 years.  In addition, he coached athletes from over 20 high schools and clubs in Indiana and Illinois.  Chuck produced the highest number of individual state champions ever represented by one school, and one coach. He has the distinction of coaching the only 3-time diving state champion, boys or girls, in state history; his son, Matt, 1973–75.  He also coached his son Chris to two state title, 1977-78.  Chuck was recognized as the Hobie Billingsley award winner in 2007.  He was a graduate of Northwestern University where he was a diver for the Wildcats.